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Driving Innovation in Dynamometer Technology

Discover the future of performance testing with Hyper Power. Our leading-edge dynamometer solutions set new standards in precision, reliability, and user experience, empowering professionals across industries to achieve unparalleled accuracy in vehicle testing and analysis.

Custom Dyno Solutions

Bespoke dynamometer solutions designed to meet unique testing requirements with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Installation and Setup Service

Expert installation and calibration services ensuring your dynamometer operates at peak performance from the start.

Training and Certification

Comprehensive training and certification programs to enhance user expertise in dynamometer operation and maintenance.

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Empowering Innovation, Ensuring Precision

At Hyper Power, we’re dedicated to advancing dynamometer technology and services, ensuring our clients achieve their performance testing goals with unmatched precision and reliability.

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Dive into Hyper Power’s Shop, your ultimate destination for top-tier dynamometer systems, accessories, and parts. Designed to meet diverse testing needs, our products guarantee precision, durability, and optimal performance.

Unmatched Excellence in Dynamometer Solutions

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Hyper Power stands at the forefront of dynamometer technology, offering unparalleled expertise, precision, and support.


Pioneers in Dynamometer Technology

With years of industry leadership, we've set benchmarks in dynamometer design, performance, and accuracy, constantly pushing technological boundaries.


Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

Understanding that no two projects are the same, we offer bespoke dynamometer solutions tailored to meet specific client requirements.


Comprehensive Installation and Support

From seamless installation to ongoing technical support, our dedicated team ensures your systems operate flawlessly and efficiently.


Cutting-Edge Software and Updates

Stay ahead with our advanced software solutions and regular updates, enhancing your testing capabilities and system longevity.


Expert Training and Certification Programs

Empower your team with our extensive training and certification programs, designed to maximize dynamometer usage and safety.


Dedicated to Customer Success

Your success is our priority. We're committed to providing not just products, but complete solutions and support for your testing needs.

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Exclusive Monthly Deals on Dynamometer Essentials

This is your chance to upgrade your setup or replenish your toolkit with high-quality components at unbeatable prices. Act fast, as these exclusive offers are available for a limited time only, providing you with an exceptional opportunity to invest in your performance testing needs while enjoying substantial savings.

  • Full Hyperwin4 Software
  • LCD Remote
  • Retarder Controller
  • Integrated Air / Fuel
  • Boost Sensor
  • Weather Station
  • Auto Fan Switch
  • Speed Sensor
  • Full Hyperwin4 Software
  • Integrated Air / Fuel
  • Boost Sensor
  • Weather Station
  • Speed Sensor
  • Full Hyperwin4 Software
  • Repeater Controller
  • Speed Sensor
  • Full Hyperwin4 Software
  • Speed Sensor


Technical Support

Dedicated technical assistance available around the clock to keep your dynamometer systems running smoothly.


Software Updates

Regular software updates to enhance system features, improve security, and optimise performance.


Diagnostics Analysis

Advanced diagnostics and performance analysis services providing deep insights into vehicle efficiency and power.